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Introducing the Renovators Range of Solid Timber Doors

Renovators Range Pivot DoorAllkind Joinery Brisbane is proud to introduce our new Renovators Range of solid timber doors. Long known as the cabinet maker Brisbane calls on for the finest in custom timber windows and doors, the Renovator’s Range brings our most popular designs within the price range of the average home renovator.

What’s the difference between the Renovators Range of timber doors and custom made doors from Allkind Joinery? Very little, really:

  • In order to keep costs down without sacrificing quality, these doors are produced in quantities rather than one at a time.
  • Renovation Range doors are made from Surian cedar or maple.
  • Clear safety glass to Australian Standard (AS) 1288 is used on all glass panels.

When you buy timber doors from the Renovators Range, you can expect the same quality of workmanship, style and beauty that has made Allkind Joinery Brisbane’s prestige joinery since 1970. The only difference will be the lower price.

Whether you want to just replace your entry door, your patio doors or all the doors in your home, you will find types and styles of solid timber doors or glass and timber doors that will be indistinguishable from custom made. Here’s a sample of what you can expect to find:

  • Entry Doors: The Renovators Range of entry doors includes both traditional and modern styles, with or without frames. You can also choose optional side panels, make a selection from our Heritage styles or choose one of our classic entry door suites with lead-light windows, raised timber panels and side and top panels.
  • Passage Doors: Transform your interior doors from ordinary to extraordinary with our selection of frame and panel solid timber doors.
  • French Doors: Always in style, Allkind French doors are always in demand. Now they are even more affordable.
  • Pivot Doors: Pivot doors are the latest trend in entry doors. Until now, their only drawback was their price. If you’re looking for a wider door for your home or office, check out the Renovator’s Range of pivot doors.
  • Gates: At last, intricately detailed solid cedar gates are available at an affordable price.

Renovators Range Entry DoorsIf you have ever seen our timber and glass folding doors, but thought you couldn’t afford them, you will be delighted to know that these, too, are included in the Allkind Joinery Renovators Range. 3, 4 and 5 door models in Surian cedar with merbau frames are available. With 620, 720 and 820mm door widths to choose from, you’re bound to find a combination to fit your needs, without having to pay custom prices.

The Allkind Joinery Brisbane Renovators Range of solid timber doors is so new, we haven’t yet been able to update our website to include them.

Contact us today to find out more. We’re as excited to introduce them to you as you will be to discover them.

Please call us toll free on 1800 757 949 with any questions you may have on Timber Joinery, our friendly staff are always happy to help with any advice you need.

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Timber Doors – The Perfect Alternative for Your New House

Timber doors could add personality to any sort of property. Offered in several designs, doorways that are made from timber may be tailored by the producer according to the customer’s inclinations and also specific specs. Relying on your demands, manufacturers may produce a big kind of timber doorways, such as outdoor patio doors, French doors, bifold doors or gliding doors. Upon request, they could even make the doors so that they match the existing attractive or functional products in your residence. Therefore, an infinite blend of wooden doorway layouts will be at your fingertips. All you need to do is choose wisely.

Bifold doorsbifold doors

Many individuals have issues in developing more area in their homes. In some cases, space may be restricted by the traditional doorways. The complication can easily be effortlessly solved with the support of bifolding doors. These kinds of doors contain coating panels specified in hung frameworks. They have the property to open up the space by producing large entrance methods. The framework of bifolding doors could be constructed from numerous materials, however the most effective would definitely be timber. It will definitely make the doorway look natural and also stylish in look, which is strongly preferable.

Sliding doors

Amongst the various materials made use of to fabricate doorways with gliding mechanism, timber has become a popular alternative for property owners. Not only are timber doorways visually pleasing, but they are likewise strongly useful, offering good insulation as well as safety to your home. In addition, they will increase the general look of your property. Make confident you pay attention when you choose the sliding doors for your property, because timber ones have the role to make it even more inviting and also may likewise enhance the residence’s worth, should you decide to market it at some point.

Front doors

It is crucial to not take too lightly the importance of a lovely, higher quality front doorway, since it is often the one that makes a lasting 1st perception on your visitors, company partners as well as consumers. Also though, for an excellent number of years, UPVC plastic was a preferred selection of material for ingress doorways, points have altered in recent times. It seems that, nowadays, a substantial amount of people are excited to obtain doors that are constructed from timber. Why? The answer is basic. Of all, due to the fact that they are long lasting and also sophisticated. Just what is more, they could be made in various designs and also with numerous surfaces. All in all, access doorways made from timber will be an exceptionally elegant addition to your home.

Last however not the very least, be sure that you take excellent treatment of your timber doors. They will not last as much unless you learn how to care for them. The procedure of upkeep is not that expensive. It will certainly not be important to repaint or mend your doorways every year. All you need to do is make confident that the timber is kept harmless from unsafe aspects that might trigger the door’s damages in time. Likewise, you should utilize wood preservatives in order to keep the organic shimmer of timber doors.

Depending on your requirements, producers may make a big kind of timber doors, such as patio area doors, French doors, bifold doors or sliding doors.

Sliding doorsSliding Doors Brisbane

Among the materials several to made use of doors produce doorways mechanism Sliding timber has hardwood has actually come to be choice preferred option. Make certain you pay attention when you choose the moving doorways for your residence, because timber ones have the function to make it a lot more accepting and also may even increase the home’s worth, should you choose to offer it at some point.

Entrance doors

It is important to vital underestimate the ignore of significance beautiful, high quality front door, doorway it due to the fact that often the commonly that creates a develops first enduring very first perception guests, visitors partners company customers and also all in all, entry doors made of timber will be a very sophisticated addition to your property.

Benefits of using Timber Bifold Doors

timber_bifold_doors_brisbaneTimber Bifold Doors are doors with two or more sections and as the name implies may be folded back in open up a big wall, doorway area or to divide a room. All homes have doors and windows made in several variations and shapes and among all of the styles, the Timber Bifold Door type has distinctive benefits both when it comes to aesthetics and usefulness. Timber Bifold Doors act magnificently for opening your typical room, look great when remodeling your home, or simply use to connect your common or living room towards the veranda, deck or patio. Another advantage to this type of door is that they are able to be customized and designed to fit your specific areas, private taste and requirements.

Advantages of Timber Bifold Doors

• They appear superb and can truly lift a room or any entry locations
• These types of doors can reduce electricity usage because they allow more sunlight into your room.
• Single doors may be bothersome as they make use of a lot of space on 1 side. On the other hand, Bi-folding Doors need much much less space and they open up and fold back for higher space saving.
• It is much more practical to clean the glass panes on this kind of door instead of on the sliding doors.
• They are great space savers for smaller rooms. Thus, they’re well-liked for linen closets, laundry rooms, and anywhere a collapse back door style is required.
• They are simple to set up and are also cost effective.

Why purchase your Timber Bifold Doors from Allkind Joinery:

• Allkind Joinery is a reputable business that has expertise and knowledge about manufacturing and high quality and have been delivering Timber Bifold Doors for upwards of 40 years and can guide you on the very best answer for your requirements.
• Our Timber Bifold Doors meet Australian standards and also the glass rating and power rating be best for you? – All our products exceed needed industry standards.
• All our joints are mortised and tenonned and timbers utilized have a great durability rating? High quality timbers and Quality workmanship is our mantra at Allkind Joinery.
• Quality door hardware and finishes are a must if you are looking for longevity and smooth operation with your Timber Bifold Doors. At Allkind we use Centor Door Hardware and Sikkens finishes on all our Timber Bifold Doors so you can have the very best finished and functioning Bifold Doors.
• Use only qualified tradesman to manufacture and mount your Bifold Doors for that best fit and operation – Allkind Joinery are registered builders QBSA LICENCE NO 22196

Welcome to Brisbane Bifold Doors

Welcome to Brisbane Bifold Doors

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