They say “the proof is in the pudding.” You can rave to your friends how great your special pudding recipe tastes, but until they taste it, they won’t quite believe you. You can look at a beautiful timber entrance door in the Allkind Joinery catalogue, but until you’ve seen what it looks like when it replaces your old door, you won’t quite believe what a difference it makes to your home’s appearance.

The new Before and After Gallery on the Allkind Joinery website is the “pudding” you need to prove to yourself that even minor timber joinery renovations can make a dramatic difference to your home’s appearance and value. Take this before and after photo of an entrance for example:

before after timber joinery renovations

Nothing has changed except the entrance door, but the home’s entry has been transformed from a bland, narrow entrance with an off-putting security grill into a warm invitation to enter the owner’s beautiful home. While this homeowner may not have any intention of moving, odds are that if they put the house on the market, the new timber entrance door would add far more to the sale value than its cost.

Now let’s go around to the back of a house that has undergone minor renovations. In this case, aluminum sliding doors have been replaced with extra-wide timber sliding glass doors. Both inside and out, the home has been dramatically transformed by this inexpensive timber joinery renovation. Inside, the house seems to be much larger and more cheerful than before. Outside, the patio has become an integral part of the house and an open invitation to enjoy al fresco dining.

before after timber joinery renovations

In both examples, modest family houses have been almost miraculously transformed into warm and inviting “million dollar” family homes. Allkind Joinery would like to take full credit for the transformation, but most of the credit has to go to the timber itself. The joinery’s contribution was in the master craftsmanship that brought out the rich beauty of the timber and formed it into what could best be described as functional art.

The “functional art” in the Before and After Gallery extends to interiors as well, including stunning timber kitchens, bathrooms, storage units and commercial fit-outs. In some cases, little timber is used, but the quality of materials, design and craftsmanship is such that what was formerly an uninspiring kitchen or bathroom becomes something extraordinary.

before after timber joinery renovationsThe new Allkind Joinery Before and After Gallery also offers a sneak peek into the Allkind workshop. Notice how clean and tidy it is and how much space is allowed for working on each component of a project. No true craftsman will work in a cluttered and cramped workspace. If they care about quality, craftsmen care about neatness and efficiency as well.

Have a look around your house. How can fine timber joinery improve its appearance and value? Now that you’ve seen before and after photos of other homes, it should be easier for you to imagine what a difference a timber joinery product can make in your home. Still concerned about the cost? Have a look at the catalogue or contact Allkind Joinery for a measure and quote. You’ll be amazed to discover how affordable a “million dollar makeover” really can be.


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