Options for Timber Kitchen BenchtopsAllkind Joinery Brisbane achieved their reputation as Brisbane’s prestige joinery decades ago because of their commitment to quality timber products. Aside from their timber windows and doors, they are sought out for their timber kitchens. It sometimes comes as a surprise to customers when they are told that solid timber is not their only option when choosing a kitchen benchtop from Allkind Joinery. In fact, there are times when timber may not be the best choice.

Options for Timber Kitchen Benchtops

A good kitchen designer will discuss the pros and cons of a variety of kitchen benchtop materials and products with their clients. Some of their options include:

  • Plastic laminate, best known by brand names such as Laminex and Formica, is the least expensive and most popular.
  • Solid Granite is a popular choice, but its cost can be prohibitive for some.
  • Solid surface materials such as Corian are very expensive, but can be restored if stained or scratched.
  • Engineered stone is an increasing popular choice. Made from a mixture of ground quartz or granite and resin, engineered stone looks like solid stone but has a uniform appearance.
  • Timber is a perennial favourite. Usually manufactured from laminated lengths of solid timber, it is ideal for many traditional styles of kitchens.
  • Stainless steel is the professional chef’s choice, but is one of the most expensive options.

Price is obviously one consideration when choosing a timber kitchen benchtop. That’s why laminate is such a popular choice.

Style is another consideration. Of course, style is a personal choice. Some have their hearts set on granite and are willing to pay a premium for it, while others may find the perfect colour or pattern in a laminate benchtop.

Finally, most kitchen renovators are concerned about how good their timber kitchen is going to look in 5 years. How long a kitchen benchtop is going to last is one of the most difficult questions to answer. The fact is that no benchtop material is impervious to scratching and, with the exception of stainless steel, none is completely stain proof. If you’re looking for a kitchen benchtop that will outlast the others, you need to choose a material that can be sanded back and refinished. That limits your choices to two: solid timber and solid-surface.

Choosing a Benchtop for Your Timber Kitchen

Choosing a benchtop for your timber kitchen is a balancing act between price, style and durability. Laminate can be a winner when it comes to price and style, but arguably is the least durable material. With care, granite can be kept stain-free and can be re-sealed if it gets surface scratches. Small scratches can be removed from engineered stone benchtops and if spills are removed as they occur, staining can be avoided.

When choosing between granite and engineered stone, style should be your major consideration. If you like the fascinating variety of subtle colours and patterns in granite, look no further. If you’re looking for a more uniform surface appearance, choose engineered stone or a solid surface material.

Have a look at the Timber Kitchens Gallery on the Allkind Joinery website. You’ll see a number of examples of kitchens that tastefully blend natural materials like timber with modern materials. Really, a kitchen like this gives you the best of both worlds: a practical kitchen with incomparable style. Ultimately, the choice of benchtops is yours, but Allkind Joinery will be happy to help you make an informed decision based on their decades of experience.

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