Solid timber doors have become rare in Australia. It started in the post war years, when mass production replaced custom joinery and housing developments replaced custom-built homes. There were sound economic reasons for the change: Aussie battlers needed to save money wherever they could. There were sound economic reasons, but something was lost: quality and enduring value.

Australians are waking up to the long-term value of quality. Aside from the fact that quality products last longer than their cheaper mass-produced counterparts, they have an inherent value that only increases with time. Take two houses on the same street, for example. They are both single storey 3 bedroom brick homes. The only difference between them is that one was built in the 1920s and features solid timber doors and windows, leadlights, and all the other fine detailing that was the hallmark of the Art Deco era.  The other home was built in the 1960s. Although it was built 30 years after its counterpart, it looks older.

Which home do you think would fetch a higher sale price? That’s right. All other things being equal, the older home would be the more valuable home.

The good news for owners of homes that have cheap aluminium windows and hollow core doors is that these things can be replaced. That’s exactly what home renovators are doing today. They’re snapping up bargains and replacing all those cheap windows and doors with solid timber doors and windows. They may not do it all at once. In fact, many homeowners make the changes gradually, as their budgets allow. They may start with the patio, installing timber bifold doors to replace their aluminium sliding glass doors at the same time they renovate the patio. Then they might decide to install some timber louvre windows to beautify their living room and make it more energy efficient.

Homeowners like these find that every renovation they make makes a big difference to their lifestyle. They soon forget the cost of their solid timber doors and windows, but appreciate their beauty every single day. When the time comes to sell their home, they find that buyers appreciate quality as much as they do and are willing to pay more for those quality inclusions.

So here we are in the 21st century. Looking back at the 20th century, ‘we’ve come to appreciate the “old-fashioned” value of quality over quantity. Brisbane homeowners are luckier than most, because they have Allkind Joinery Brisbane solid timber doors and windows at their doorstep. Allkind’s unique Renovators Range of timber windows and doors gives them both the quality they want and the price they need to renovate in style.

Check out the Allkind Joinery 2014 catalogue or, better yet, call in at the Allkind Joinery Brisbane showroom and see them in person. They’re at 594 Rode Road, Chermside, Brisbane. For more information or to arrange an appointment, contact Allkind Joinery and talk to a senior member of the staff.

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