Concrete and steel is giving way to timber as the architect’s building material of choice today. All around the world, architects are pushing the boundaries and creating award winning structures made entirely or predominantly of timber. What is architectural timber joinery and why is it the latest trend in architecture?

Many homes are built and clad in timber, but they’re still just called ‘buildings.’ When a timber building or interior stands out as an example of the highest standards of timber joinery, it’s called ‘architectural timber joinery.’ The reason why architects are turning to timber is because as a renewable building material, timber is also a sustainable building material. In a world of dwindling resources, we can’t afford to go on using materials that cannot be replaced.

Architectural Timber Joinery and Sustainability

One way to get the message across is to preach about the environmental hazards of using unsustainable resources. Another way is to produce something that is cost-effective and aesthetically superior to other building materials. That’s what architectural timber joinery is all about.

The Waugh Thistleton architectural firm made international headlines with the construction of the world’s tallest timber residential building in 2010. Stadthaus Murray Grove stands 9 storeys tall and includes 29 apartments on top of a ground floor neighbourhood office. According to the architects, timber makes more environmental sense than concrete and steel, which is “very energy intensive, pumping tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.” In stark contrast, timber stores carbon.

Closer to home, Grocon’s Pixel Building in Melbourne made extensive use of timber and other environmentally friendly materials and design elements. The building won over 2 dozen architectural and environmental awards and the six storey structure recently sold for $6 million to a private investor.

Architectural timber joinery is nothing new to Allkind Joinery Brisbane. Along with timber joinery products like their renowned Renovators Range of timber windows and doors, Brisbane’s prestige joinery has been called upon to create large interior and exterior timber constructions for many of the Brisbane area’s most prestigious properties. For some outstanding examples of architectural timber joinery, just look at Allkind Joinery’s architectural gallery.

Timber Joinery Architectural

Architectural Timber Joinery and the Environment

Take a closer look at Allkind’s architectural joinery work and you’ll notice that as well as being beautiful, it is highly functional. Timber is well known to be an excellent insulator. Timber slat wall panels allow air to circulate freely while the timber keeps the heat of the sun outdoors. The result is a natural cooling system that reduces or eliminates the need for air conditioning. Timber louvre windows have the same effect with the added benefit of being adjustable. Close the louvres when the sun is pouring in and open them with a touch to allow light and warmth to enter the house when you want it to. Either open or closed, timber louvre windows are a beautiful addition to any home.

You don’t need to build the world’s tallest residence out of timber products to enjoy the benefits of architectural timber joinery. Joinery products such as timber louvre windows or timber bifold doors are an ideal way to reduce your dependence on heating and air conditioning and do it in style. Contact Allkind Joinery Brisbane and find the architectural timber joinery solution for you.

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