When we think of custom timber joinery, we think of the work of master cabinet makers. When we think of mass produced joinery products, we think of a poorer level of craftsmanship, but much cheaper prices. What’s the truth about custom timber joinery versus mass produced joinery products?

The Truth about Custom Timber Joinery

The truth about custom timber joinery is that it is only as good as the joiner.

There are plenty of “backyard” cabinetmakers and furniture makers in Australia. Some of these can be real craftsmen who take pride in designing unique pieces of furniture and prefer the creative independence of having a small business that caters to a discerning market. Others are weekend hobbyists trying to make a few dollars on the side or out of work cabinetmakers who are trying to make a living between jobs. Sometimes they try to compete with larger operations by offering cut-rate prices, but often they lack the skill or equipment to produce high quality joinery prices.

Then there are the larger joineries that do custom work on the side to supplement their income between larger contracts. A few of these are run by master cabinetmakers, but many are operated by shopfitters who don’t know the difference between quality joinery and a staple gun.

The Truth about Mass Produced Joinery Products

Mass production leaves the human element out of the production process as much as possible. In the joinery, automated machinery does most of the work while semi-skilled workers do a variety of relatively simple tasks machines can’t accomplish. If a factory is set up with all the latest machinery, mass produced joinery products can be of adequate quality for commercial purposes, but rarely if ever can compete with custom joinery products.

Between the extremes of custom timber joinery made by master cabinet makers and cheap mass produced joinery products is a rare kind of product that combines the highest level of craftsmanship with streamlined production processes that bring the cost of quality timber joinery products within the range of the average home renovator or builder.

Allkind-Joinery-and-Glass-Pty-LtdThe Renovators Range of timber windows and doors is a perfect example of this type of joinery. Allkind Joinery Brisbane is made up of a team of skilled craftsmen who take pride in the quality of their custom joinery products. After decades of making custom timber windows and doors, they knew what their customers wanted enough to be able to come up with a range of products they could produce in limited runs — just enough to bring the prices down without sacrificing quality. The company produces these timber windows and doors using the same fine timbers and joinery techniques they use on their custom creations, but since they produce them in limited quantities, they can reduce the time it takes them to make the timber doors and windows and purchase their timber at a greater discount.

The Renovators Range of timber joinery products has been a huge success since its introduction. Allkind Joinery expanded the range in 2013. Download the Renovators Range PDF price and information list and see what’s available. You’ll never have to decide between custom made and mass produced again. The Renovators Range of timber windows and doors gives you the best of both worlds.

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