In the past, timber kitchen design was a job best left to kitchen designers or the timber joinery you chose to build your kitchen for you. Without a working knowledge of scale drawing and an understanding of cabinet construction, it was just too hard a job for the average person. Advancements in CAD technology make it much easier to design your own timber kitchen. Better yet, you can use the technology for free.

You’re still going to have to start the old-fashioned way, with a piece of paper, a ruler and a pencil. If you don’t have a scale ruler, you can use a large sheet of paper and use a 1:10 scale with a normal ruler, substituting 100mm at each metre mark. What you need to do is:

  1. Measure the length of each wall of your kitchen.Wikipedia
  2. Add the locations of doors, windows and passageways.
  3. Mark where power points and light switches are located.
  4. Indicate where plumbing is located.
  5. Measure the size of your fridge, stove, dishwasher and any other built-in features.
  6. Note where your built-ins are located or where you want to locate them.

If you’re choosing a prestige joinery like Allkind Joinery Brisbane to build your kitchen for you, you don’t need to worry too much about perfect accuracy. We will always remeasure your kitchen and work out the details with you. All you need for now is a close enough approximation of your timber kitchen layout to be able to visualise your completed kitchen.

Using Online Timber Kitchen CAD Software

Finding free timber kitchen CAD software is as easy as typing “free kitchen design software” in your favourite browser. Many of them are free trial versions from American software companies, so make sure you find one that includes an option for metric conversion.

Now all you have to do is transfer the information you’ve gathered on to the grid layout provided on the CAD program. After laying out the room size, adding the windows, doors, etc, you’ll be ready to start adding your kitchen cabinets. This is where these timber kitchen software programs really start making things easy, because they enable you to drag and drop standard sized kitchen cabinets into your layout.

Start with the wall where your kitchen sink will be going. You may want to start with your corner cabinets and then work from there. The positioning of your sink is most important, because moving the plumbing can be very costly and it’s usually unnecessary. Also make space for your dishwasher (usually under the sink drainer).

Continue like this around the room, making sure the cabinets for your major appliances are the right size.

You can get creative when you start adding drawers, a pantry and other inclusions. Do you want a standard 4-drawer cabinet or do you want a series of shallow top drawers instead? Would you like to replace some doors with handy pot drawers?

After you’ve created your kitchen, you can add colours and textures to the front panels and benchtop. Then you can visualise your kitchen from almost any angle in 3D.

The great thing about using these timber kitchen software programs is that they can help you visualise your kitchen and brainstorm ideas. Then, when you discuss your new timber kitchen with Allkind Joinery (if you’re lucky enough to live in the greater Brisbane area), we can help you refine your timber kitchen design and show you more options to make your kitchen even more beautiful and efficient. Of course, if you don’t want to design your own timber kitchen, you can just contact us and we’ll be happy to do it for you. Come to think of it, that’s the easiest way of all to design your new timber kitchen.

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