We live in a competitive world. In order to survive, any business needs to put its best foot forward and advertise its services to the public. This is fine, but it puts the onus of responsibility on the consumer to separate the wheat from the chaff. This can be especially tricky when you’re looking for a local business online. Does their impressive website reflect the quality of their service or the quality of their web developer’s service? Allkind Carpentry & Joinery is a Brisbane based business with a very impressive website and a four decades long reputation for quality, service and value. How do they prove they’re not “just another pretty face” on the internet?

The About Page

The home page on any website is going to be the page where any company will try to “grab” you with flattering photographs and attention getting snippets of text. As such, it’s the last place you should look for informative content.

The best place to look for company information is the “About Us” or “About” page. That’s where you’ll find out about the company history, its services and its employees. The first paragraph of the Allkind About page is where you learn that the company was founded in 1970. That alone is impressive, but is there any objective evidence to show that the company “walks its talk”?

There is, but you have to dig a little deeper to learn more. Further down the page, the company mentions that it is a member of the Commerce Queensland Window and Door Industry Council (WADIC) and the Queensland Master Builders Association. What are these organisations and why would a company’s membership in them make them more credible?

  • Aside from promoting timber window and door services, WADIC is “committed to supporting energy conservation and environmentally sustainable products.” Allkind’s membership in this organisation reflects the company policy of environmental responsibility.
  • The Master Builders Association is a highly respected organisation dedicated to maintaining the highest industry standards. Membership in this organisation is available only to trade professionals.

Later on the page, Allkind Carpentry & Joinery states that “we take great pride in training our own apprentices to ensure that the in-house skills, developed over generations, are maintained.” These are nice sentiments, but are they backed up by truth? A short paragraph towards the bottom of the page indicates they are:

“In 2006 Allkind Joinery won the Queensland Apprenticeship Services Small/Medium Employer of the Year award, a reflection of our dedication in providing real career opportunities to our staff.” That is an impressive award for a couple of reasons:

  1. Many inferior companies employ apprentices as a means to get cheap labour. The fact that Allkind Joinery Brisbane was honoured for “providing real career opportunities” to apprentices reflects the integrity of the company.
  2. Well-trained apprentices equates to well-made products.

Carpentery & Joinery Galleries

The Carpentry & Joinery Galleries

Many joineries are specialists in timber windows and doors or some other aspect of the trade. Allkind Joinery claims to have the expertise to handle “all kinds” of carpentry and joinery projects and has eight separate galleries to back up their claim. After you’ve looked into the company credentials and history, spend some time in the galleries. It won’t be hard. Looking at the stunning examples of carpentry and joinery in the joinery photos gallery is like being inspired by the pages of a glossy architecture and interiors magazine:

  • There are six separate door galleries, each of which contains several photos of different types of timber doors. If you think front door images will be boring, you’ll think differently after you’ve seen the amazing variety of timber entry doors Allkind Joinery has produced.
  • The architectural photos show examples of interior and exterior architectural joinery that may make you re-think your entire home renovation.
  • Over 70 joinery photos in the cabinet making gallery will prove to you that there is nothing Allkind Joinery cannot do. Photos included in this gallery include examples of both residential and commercial joinery.

Of course, the final test of any company is the face-to-face test. Contact Allkind Joinery Brisbane and arrange to meet a senior company representative and discuss your needs with them. Better yet, call in and inspect the premises and the new showroom. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you are given no-pressure service and advice from one of Queensland’s prestige joinery company – Allkind Carpentry and Joinery.

Allkind Joinery - A tradition of excellence

Please call us toll free on 1800 757 949 with any questions you may have on timber joinery products, our friendly staff are always happy to help with any advice you need.

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