Have you ever noticed how something as small as a gate can make or break a home’s exterior? You can approach one gate and get a sense that the homeowners are warm, approachable people. Reach for the latch of another gate, even if it’s unlocked, and you can get the feeling they would really not have visitors. Why can a gate make such a difference to your perceptions of the residents behind the gate? Why do we at Allkind Joinery Brisbane think timber gates give the most positive messages of all?

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Today, gates are made from a wide variety of materials. Some examples include:

  • Aluminium
  • Bamboo
  • Brass
  • Cast iron
  • PVC
  • Steel
  • Timber
  • Wire
  • Wrought iron

These can be further broken down into 3 basic types:

1      Bamboo and timber are naturally growing materials.

2      Aluminium, steel and iron are metallic materials.

3      PVC is a manmade material.

The reason why these basic types of materials are an important aspect of gate design is because of their look, feel and texture:

  • Bamboo and timber are both naturally beautiful and warm to the touch. Solid timber can also be cut to exact dimensions and shaped into innumerable patterns and designs, whilst bamboo has more limited applications.
  • Wrought iron can be worked into aesthetically pleasing designs, but like aluminium and other metals, it is hard and cold to the touch. That may be part of the reason why wrought iron gates are associated with haunted houses.
  • PVC fences and gates are manufactured to look like painted timber. From a distance, they can bear a resemblance to timber, but a PVC gate gives itself away upon closer inspection.

 Of all the materials gates can be made from, none compares aesthetically to solid timber.

Choosing Timber Gates

If there’s a downside to timber gates, it’s that some species of timber are better than others for exterior applications and some joineries try to save on costs by using inferior timbers. Allkind Joinery Brisbane uses cedar in the construction of their timber gates. Cedar is a stable, pest resistant timber that will withstand the test of time.

Another possible disadvantage to timber gates is that many joineries use inferior construction methods. The gate may look great when it’s first erected, but before long, the joints separate and the gate begins to sag. This doesn’t happen when a timber gate is built by a master craftsman who knows and applies the principles of sound joinery to everything they make.

When choosing timber gates, it is important to make sure they are made from quality timbers and constructed by master craftsmen. If these things are equal, then you can begin comparing them by cost. Here is where Allkind Joinery stands head-and-shoulders above even other prestige joineries with their Renovators Range of timber gates. No corners have been cut in materials or craftsmanship to make them cheaper. Instead, the Renovators Range of timber gates are made in standard sizes and in quantities, which helps reduce their cost substantially.

Check out the Renovators Range of timber gates, windows and doors. You’ll be amazed by their quality and variety of styles. You’ll be even more amazed when you discover that master craftsmanship doesn’t have to break the bank. Add a touch of class to your home with timber gates from Brisbane’s prestige joinery — Allkind Joinery. 

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