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Have you ever thought that your fly screens were almost as much of a nuisance as the flies they were designed to keep out? In the past (and too often, even today), fly screens were considered a necessary evil. They did what they were supposed to do, but looked unattractive and were cumbersome to use. Centor, the company Allkind Joinery Brisbane relies on for the highest quality bifold door hardware, has taken all the disadvantages out of fly screens and even improved on their advantages.

The Centor S1 E is such an improvement on the old-fashioned fly screen, calling it a “fly” screen is an insult. Instead, it’s called an Eco-Screen, which is much more in keeping with its modern design and technology. What’s the difference between an Eco-Screen and a fly screen? There are several important differences:

  • The Centor S1 E Eco-Screen is not a screen door or fixed screen. It is fully retractable, making it ideal for use with timber bifold doors and windows.
  • The Eco-Screen mesh is either stainless steel or pet-resistant PVC coated polyester. Both materials are easy to keep clean and don’t become dull and unattractive over time.
  • Centor S1 E Eco-Screen technology is far more advanced than old-fashioned fly screen technology, eliminating all the drawbacks of traditional screens.

Centor technology is worth taking a closer look at. It starts with their patent-pending Load Balance Technology (LBT). LBT is the secret behind the Eco-Screen’s effortless fingertip control.

Centor Bifold Door Screens

Then there’s what’s called Tight Technology. How long does it take before an average fly screen starts to sag? Even a small ordinary fly screen starts sagging in no time at all and tightening the screen is so time-consuming, most of us just try to turn a blind eye to the unsightly sags and bulges. Tight Technology keeps Eco-Screens taut at all times, even over spans as long as 3.9 metres (or 7.6 metres if 2 screens meet in the middle of an opening).

Another advantage to the Centor S1 E Eco-Screen system is the fact that it is designed to be self-correcting and impact resistant. If a gust of wind blows it out of its top or bottom channels, all you have to do is close the screen until it self-feeds itself back into the channels. A built-in shock absorption system directs impact away from the screen, helping prevent damage to the system.

Allkind Joinery Brisbane chooses the Centor S1 Eco-Screen system because it is the finest system on the market. It doesn’t make much sense to made the best timber folding doors and windows and combine them with inferior “fly screens”, after all. Find out more about Timber Door Hardware and have a look at the Renovators Range of timber doors and windows from Allkind Joinery Brisbane. Together, Centor and Allkind Joinery are an unbeatable team.

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The post Fly Screens that Really Work appeared first on Allkind Joinery & Glass Pty Ltd written by .