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Ask an interior designer what’s trendy today and they’ll tell you it’s bathrooms. For too long relegated to the status of utilitarian “water closets,” bathrooms have been redefined as “mini spas,” and are taking their design cues from the bathrooms found in better tropical resorts. With the best of modern fittings and fixtures and touches of exotic timbers, these timber bathrooms fit in perfectly with the Brisbane lifestyle.

A typical old-fashioned bathroom is usually divided into 2 compartments. On one side of a narrow aisle is a shower and bathtub. One the other side, there’s the vanity and toilet. While it may be functional enough, there’s nothing about it that makes you want to stay longer than is necessary. 

Timber BathroomTake that same space and do a little creative redesigning, and an ordinary bathroom can become your own private sanctuary. These are some of the ways timber bathrooms are being redesigned: 

  • A “wet room” has a shower, but no shower enclosure. The shower is located at the back of the room.
  • If a bathtub is desired, built-in baths are replaced with freestanding baths. Some of the better ones are ergonomically designed to make bath time more relaxing than ever before.
  • Standard toilets are being replaced by wall-mounted toilets with cisterns hidden behind the wall.
  • Instead of hiding sinks in a trough, top-mounted sinks are a bathroom feature.

There are practical as well as aesthetic reasons for changes like these. By removing the shower enclosure and/or installing a free-standing tub and wall-mounted toilet, you gain some extra space and a far greater sense of spaciousness. Mount the sink on top of the vanity cupboard and you can use more of the space underneath for storage.

Old style bathrooms often have a sterile atmosphere. In contrast, modern timber bathrooms are designed to make you feel like you are surrounded by nature. This is achieved by using touches of natural materials such as timber and natural stone and opening up the space to the outdoors with skylights or timber hopper windows. Since skylights and hoppers are above eye level, clear glass can be used without sacrificing a sense of privacy. 

If space allows, today’s timber bathrooms even include features like spa baths; potted plants or vertical gardens; and even lounge chairs. If there’s a downside to the trend towards spa-like timber bathrooms, it’s that the “private sanctuary” you create for yourself can quickly become the most popular room in the house. What’s the solution? Change the access door from the hallway to your master bedroom. It may be selfish, but it’s better than waiting in a queue!

As the prestige joinery in Brisbane, Allkind Joinery stays on top of all the current trends and combines the best of the new with the timeless traditions of fine cabinet making. If you’re building or renovating and are looking for timber bathroom ideas, let Allkind help you with everything you need. 

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The post Trends in Timber Bathrooms appeared first on Allkind Joinery & Glass Pty Ltd written by .