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Real estate agents can tell you that timber bay windows rank highly on the list of “must have” home inclusions. Allkind Joinery Brisbane can attest to this as well, since their timber bay windows are in constant demand. What’s the attraction of timber bay windows?

Timber bay windows got their start in medieval England when they were used in spacious bay rooms in castles. Later, during the late Victorian era and through the Edwardian era, they became a “must have” feature in grand homes and mansions throughout England. During the California Gold Rush, when struggling miners were becoming instant millionaires, one of the ostentatious displays of their new-found wealth was a prominently placed bay window.

Timber bay windows were also a feature of Australian Federation homes and enjoyed increasing popularity as Australia’s middle class grew throughout the 20th century. There were several reasons why they became so popular in Australia:

  • Bay windows make a home feel larger.
  • They allow natural light into the room.
  • Bay windows look out onto the beautiful Australian landscape.

If anything changed over time, it was the cost of having them built and installed. Only the very wealthy could afford them in the 19th century because of the intricate timber joinery required to make them. As modern woodworking equipment became available, prices came down, but in many cases, quality suffered as a result. Manufacturers cut corners in materials, design and construction. As a consequence, timber bay windows lost some of their prestige. Thanks to the efforts of master cabinet makers at joineries like Allkind Joinery Brisbane, though, they are coming back into vogue.

bay-windows-brisbane-allkind-joineryStyles of Timber Bay Windows

Rather than sticking rigidly to traditional styles of timber bay windows, Allkind Joinery takes a more innovative approach and uses the concept of a series of windows within a “bay” to its best advantage. In one case, Allkind may create an entire sunroom with nearly ceiling height double hung windows hung in sequences of 3 on each wall of the room. In another instance, a living room will be enlarged with the addition of bay windows. Just about any sized bay can be accommodated simply by changing the number and size of the windows.

The master cabinet makers at Allkind Joinery are able to make even the most elaborate styles of timber bay windows, including the very difficult to make oriel and circle bay windows, which can even feature curved window frames and glass. There’s little call for them, though, unless it’s for a period style home. In most cases, angled walls and standard window frames are just as attractive and far more affordable.

If you’re renovating, have a look at the Allkind Joinery Renovators Range of timber windows and doors. Made with renovators on a budget in mind, the Renovators Range gives you all the quality and style only a prestige joinery can make, at prices the average homeowner can afford. For more information about timber bay windows and other quality joinery products, contact Allkind Joinery Brisbane and talk to one of the senior members of the staff during normal working hours. They will be more than happy to talk to you about all your timber joinery needs.

Please call us toll free on 1800 757 949 with any questions you may have on timber joinery products, our friendly staff are always happy to help with any advice you need.

The post Renovating with Timber Bay Windows appeared first on Allkind Joinery & Glass Pty Ltd written by .