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“Double hung windows are better than casement windows” and “Casement windows are better than double hung” are 2 statements made regularly on home improvement forums. Obviously, they can’t both be right. Or can they? Let’s take a closer look at the double hung windows vs casement windows debate.

Double Hung Windows Defined

Double hung windows get their name from the fact that they are 2 windows hung inside a single frame. The difference between double hung and sliding windows is that they are hung vertically instead of horizontally. Traditionally, double hung double-hung-timber-windowswindows opened and closed vertically only, but today, clever mechanisms exist that allow you to tilt the sashes. For more details about timber double hung windows by Allkind Joiney Brisbane, visit the Double Hung Windows page on our site.

Double hung windows are excellent for ventilation because you can open the top sash to expel hot air and the bottom sash to let fresh air in.

Casement Windows Defined

Casement windows are hinged on the sides and usually swing outwards. They can be hung singly or in pairs. In most cases, they are opened and closed by means of a crank, lever or cam mechanism. The difference between hopper windows and casement windows is that hoppers are hinged at the top or bottom whilst casements are always hinged on the sides.

Casement windows can be fully opened to allow fresh air in or opened just a crack to allow ventilation. Their opening mechanisms are usually designed to hold them in place to prevent gusts of wind from slamming them open or shut. In some cases, they are held in place by a casement stay. Find out more about this classic window style on Timber Casement Windows — a Timeless Classic.

Double Hung Windows vs Casement Windows

Who is right? Are double hung or casement windows better? It depends on your needs and personal preferences. Double hung windows are a classic style that offer the advantage of controlled direct ventilation, but they cannot be “thrown open” Timber Casement Windowsbecause one sash will always be in front of the other. A pair of casement windows can be fully opened, but because they swing outwards (or in rare cases, inwards), their movement can be obstructed or become an obstruction.

Both double hung windows and casement windows are only as good as they are well-made. Well-constructed timber double hung windows will give you decades of trouble-free use as they glide effortlessly in their frames, while poorly built double hung windows tend to bind and stick over time. Similarly, a poorly constructed casement window can sag and become stuck, needing a “nudge” (or more!) to get it unstuck from the window sill. For these reasons, Allkind Joinery Brisbane uses only the best timbers and hardware in the construction of their timber double hung windows and timber casement windows. The best materials combined with the skills of master cabinet makers means that the windows you buy from Allkind Joinery are likely to last as long as or longer than those you find on the finest 19th century heritage homes in Australia.

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The post Double Hung Windows vs Casement Windows appeared first on Allkind Joinery & Glass Pty Ltd written by .