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When choosing timber windows, it’s just as important to choose windows that will provide the right ventilation as it is to choose them for their size or style. This is one reason why Allkind Joinery Brisbane offers a full range of timber windows in their Renovators Range of timber windows and doors.

Timber Windows and VentilationTimber Awning Windows Brisbane

Ventilation is a process of drawing fresh, cool air into a room and hot, stale air out of the room. It’s something we all do when we open a door or window on one side of the room and another door or window on the opposite side on a hot day. It’s not something we usually think about when we’re building or renovating, but it should be, because by choosing and positioning windows wisely, you can optimise your home ventilation and slash your air conditioning costs.

There are two basic types of natural room ventilation:

  1. Cross ventilation moves air in a more or less straight line.
  2. Stack ventilation occurs when air is moved through a room through vertical pressure.

An example of cross ventilation is when one window is opened to allow a breeze into a room and a window or door is opened on the opposite side of the room to let the hot air escape.  An example of stack ventilation is the installation of roof ventilators, which allow hot air that’s trapped in a ceiling cavity to escape.

In an ideal environment, a gentle, cool breeze would be entering the room from the shady side of the house. You could throw the window open wide and be fanned by it. Ideal environments rarely exist, though. That’s where choosing your timber windows carefully comes into the picture.

Ventilating with Timber Hopper Windows

Timber hopper windows are ideal for creating ventilation in less-than-ideal situations because they allow you to combine cross ventilation with stack ventilation.  Here’s how it’s done:

  • Installing bottom opening hopper windows where we want air to enter the home draws cooler air inside from a lower elevation while the window itself blocks the wind.  
  • Installing top opening hopper windows closer to ceiling height on another wall draws the hot air out of the room. Stack ventilation is vertically directed, so the higher windows needn’t necessarily be on the opposite wall.

Timber hopper windows are ideal for ventilation, but are by no means the only choice. What if you want to have a large picture window looking out on to your back yard or a distant vista? Thanks to modern  glass and hardware technology and Timber Hopper Windows Brisbane 02the craftsmanship of the cabinet makers at Allkind Joinery & Glass, there’s a perfect solution in timber sashless windows. Timber sashless windows operate in basically the same way as double hung windows, but have no window frames. They can be opened from the bottom to let cool air in, from the top to let hot air out or from the top and bottom to ventilate the room.

Timber hopper windows and timber sashless windows are both available in the Renovators Range of timber windows and doors from Allkind Joinery Brisbane. Check out the full range in the 2013 Renovators Range catalogue or contact Allkind Joinery today for more information.

Please call us toll free on 1800 757 949 with any questions you may have on timber joinery products, our friendly staff are always happy to help with any advice you need.

The post The Best Timber Windows for Ventilation appeared first on Allkind Joinery & Glass Pty Ltd written by .