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Sustainability is the catchword of the day. We hear about “sustainable design,”, a “sustainable future” and “sustainable energy” everywhere. What does sustainability mean, though, and how can a timber joinery help make your home more sustainable?

We can’t sustain the current rate at which we use and deplete our precious natural resources. That’s what sustainability is all about: finding ways to use our resources at a sustainable rate. In concept, it’s simple:

  1. Sustainable Architectural Timber JoineryUse less fossil fuel.
  2. Reuse natural resources whenever possible.
  3. Replace those natural resources that can be replaced.

Using less fossil fuel would help solve a host of problems. We don’t have an infinite amount of oil reserves and the oil we use harms the environment in a number of ways.

There’s only so much of any one natural resource. When we can recycle and reuse a resource, it means we’ll have more of that resource for future generations to use.

Some natural resources, like timber, are replaceable. By choosing timber windows, sliding glass doors and other timber framed products instead of their aluminium counterparts, you are choosing a material that can be replaced.  

It gets better, though, because timber has excellent natural insulating properties. Studies have shown that timber framed windows help reduce energy consumption by keeping the heat out in summer and cold from entering the home in winter.  By combining timber with double glazed windows, you can slash energy consumption and your energy bills at the same time.

Part of the reason why we need to think about sustainability is because in the last century we have been living in a disposable culture. Instead of building things to last, our manufacturers have been building them to break or go out of style and then be disposed of. Allkind Joinery Brisbane and other joineries that honour and adhere to traditions of craftsmanship and timeless design create joinery products that neither need replacing nor make you want to replace them. Beautifully designed and crafted timber joinery products never go out of style.

Many environmental experts believe that timber, a resource we’ve always treasured, but historically abused, is the key to our sustainable future. Aside from being replaceable, growing trees absorb the carbon emissions that are responsible for the “greenhouse effect.”  If we can turn the tide and begin to replenish our stands of trees instead of diminish them, timber will not only help us reduce our dependence on non-renewal resources such as aluminium, those growing trees can literally help heal the earth’s atmosphere.

Of course, timber joinery products aren’t the only answer to our urgent questions about sustainability, but they are part of the solution.  If you can be part of the solution and enjoy the practical and aesthetic benefits of timber joinery products at the same time, what’s stopping you? Take a look at the new Allkind Joinery Renovators Range price list and discover how affordable sustainability and style can be.

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The post How a Timber Joinery Can Make Your Home More Sustainable appeared first on Allkind Joinery & Glass Pty Ltd written by .