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In Queensland, as is true throughout Australia, there are important rules and regulations home owners and renovators must adhere to. The purpose of these regulations is to ensure that all new buildings and renovations are safe and adhere to minimum building standards. In Queensland, the building industry is administered by the Building Services Authority (BSA). This centralised authority helps streamline the process of obtaining building permits, but it is still the responsibility of home builders and renovators to obtain all the necessary permits and ensure they have engaged the services of competent licensed and registered builders and other trade professionals.

Getting a Building Permit in Queensland

In Queensland, a building permit is needed for building work over the value of $3,300. In some cases, development approval (DA) is needed first, but for most residential work, this step is not necessary. Whether a DA is necessary or not, though, you are required to employ a building certifier whose job it is to oversee the certification process from beginning to end. A BSA licensed building certifier will be able to ascertain whether or not a DA is needed. If not, they will be able to issue building approval (BA) for your project.

home-renovation-brisbaneThe Role of the Building Contractor in Queensland

The BSA is also responsible for granting builders licenses in Queensland and you will need to hire a licensed building contractor to carry out and oversee work performed on your property. The BSA is not responsible for choosing your contractor, though. As is true with any trade service, you are free to get competitive quotes and ultimately, you are responsible for double checking your quotes and ensuring your contracts are in order.

Building contracts are legally binding contracts between you and your contractor. Like most legal documents, building contracts can be very complex and subject to misinterpretation. In order to help consumers obtain easily understandable contracts, the BSA has produced a number of standard contracts. A few of the most frequently used contracts include:

  • A New Home Construction contract
  • A Renovation, Extension and Repair Contract
  • A “Small Projects” contract for renovations under $3,300

Some renovators mistakenly think that all licensed building contractors are carpenters. That is not necessarily the case. Allkind Joinery Brisbane, for example, is a registered builder (QBSA Licence 22196). Unfortunately, some “builders” take advantage of their customers and claim to have the necessary licenses, registrations and insurances, but do not. The BSA encourages all renovators and home builders to not only examine a contractor’s license, but to jot down their license number and double check their credentials with the BSA.

Not all building contracts will be standard BSA contracts. If you are unsure about any of the details in a contract, ask for independent legal advice before signing. If you do sign a contract and subsequently change your mind for any reason, you have a 5 day “cooling off” period during which you can obtain legal advice. This cooling off period does not apply if you received legal advice before signing the contract.

Allkind Joinery Brisbane encourages all their clients to do their “due diligence” when undertaking building and renovation projects and to fully understand their quotes and contracts before choosing their contractors. Allkind recommends making use of the extensive information available on the Building Services Authority website, which includes a number of free PDFs as well as links to downloadable and printable building contracts. If you have any questions at all about Allkind Joinery’s services or qualifications to help you with your building or home improvement project, contact them in person and they will be more than happy to help. 

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The post A Brief Guide to Building and Renovating in Queensland appeared first on Allkind Joinery & Glass Pty Ltd written by .