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2013 got off to a bad start when hot weather and strong winds joined together to turn much of Australia into a tinder box. According to experts, we can expect more devastation in years to come as climate change takes its toll. While this is nothing to take lightly, the silver lining may be the Aussie spirit. We may fight like cats and dogs over the little things, but when the going gets tough, we all join hands and find a solution.

Our volunteer firefighters are one example of this. They are ready and willing to go wherever they are needed to save lives, protect property and do what they can to prevent bush fires from destroying our precious forests. Tales of individual heroism are rare, but that’s because our firefighters are all heroes, working together selflessly rather than seeking the limelight.   

bush-fires-australiaAt the same time firefighters attempted to control blazes in NSW in January 2013, parts of  Queensland faced floods.  Although not as devastating as the 2010-2011 floods, they were reminders of how all Australians pulled together to help flood victims in 2011. One story of the Aussie spirit that made the news then centred around “the King”, Wally Lewis, who stopped his car to join a bucket brigade trying to prevent a home from being inundated by flood waters.

In the true Aussie spirit, Lewis downplayed his role in the rescue efforts. News sources quoted him as saying: “I know I’m just like everybody else, because this bloke (kept) giving me orders all the time. That’s been the most impressive point, the way people have been able to help others.”

While we can count on each other to help out in times of trouble, sometimes we forget that we also need to pull together for the long haul. According to sources quoting meteorologist Scott Power of the Bureau of Meteorology, “climate change does is increases the likelihood of such events, and also increases the intensity of such events.” He and other climate change experts warn that unless Australia reduces greenhouse emissions within 10 years, we can expect even more extreme weather conditions into the future.

We can all play a part in reducing greenhouse emissions. Some practical ways to do this include:

  • Turning down your thermostat just 2 degrees in winter can significantly reduce heating costs and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Installing solar panels can slash energy consumption and greenhouse emissions.
  • Replacing single glazed windows with double glazed timber windows keeps heat in throughout the winter months and reduces the need for air conditioning in summer.  For more information about the benefits of double glazed windows, check out our earlier blog, Choosing Windows for Brisbane Winters.

Using sustainable, renewable resources such as timber is another way we can contribute the health of our environment. Just be sure your timber products are made from plantation or managed forest timbers. Responsible suppliers of timber products reflect the Aussie spirit by caring about Australia’s future and finding solutions that work for everyone.

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The post Natural Disasters and the Aussie Spirit appeared first on Allkind Joinery & Glass Pty Ltd written by .