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In so many words, architects, interior designers and the general public agree: “Timber is tops.” This comes as no surprise to Allkind Joinery Brisbane, the Brisbane area’s prestige joinery, but it has been recently confirmed throughout Australia. Here’s what’s been in the news about timber carpentry and joinery:

Melbourne Takes the Prize for Tallest Timber Building

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Architecture and Design magazine reports that the World’s tallest timber building ‘tops out’ in Melbourne. According to the article, the 32 metre, 10 storeys tall Forté residential building at the edge of Melbourne’s Victoria Harbour has been constructed entirely out of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), a timber building product that has the structural strength of concrete and steel.  All the timber used in the project came from managed forests. According to estimates, using this material reduces carbon emissions by 1,400 tons as compared to using concrete and steel. This is a point Allkind Joinery has been making for years: timber windows and doors are better for the environment than aluminium, which harms the environment during the smelting process.

Timber’s “Comeback” in Design

An article in the Sydney Morning Herald, Timber’s comeback in design, may come as a surprise to Allkind Joinery, a timber joinery company that has never seen timber go out of style. Nevertheless, the article does highlight the natural beauty and durability of timber and makes some interesting observations. For example, if you thought double glazed timber windows were a recent invention, think again. Apparently they have withstood the test of time in Germany for over a hundred years.  The article also points out the fact that the key to building long-lasting, beautiful timber windows and doors starts with choosing the right timbers and ends with master craftsmanship. These have been the hallmarks of Allkind Joinery products for decades.

Australian Timber Design Awards

Finally, the Australian Timber Design Awards Announced recently illustrates how Australia is at the forefront of innovative and exciting timber design. The stunning Candlebark School Library designed by Paul Haar Architects, which took out first prize in the 2012 Australian Timber Design Awards, shows just how there is just no substitute for timber joinery.

Allkind Joinery has been involved in many of Brisbane’s top architectural projects. A few of them are mentioned in an earlier blog, A Tradition of Excellence with Allkind Joinery.  While the company is understandably proud of its achievements in supplying top Brisbane architects and builders with prestige joinery products, it is equally proud of its efforts to make high quality timber windows and doors affordable for the general public. The Renovators Range of timber doors is the perfect example of this.  With styles ranging from heritage doors to ultra modern timber pivot doors and timber bifold doors, there’s something for everyone in the Renovators Range.

To find out more about the Renovators Range of timber doors and gates, contact Allkind Joinery Brisbane today. Better yet, why not call in at their showroom and see their joinery products for yourself?  Check out their contact page for details and directions.

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The post Timber Carpentry and Joinery is Tops appeared first on Allkind Joinery & Glass Pty Ltd written by .