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At a glance, it doesn’t look like solid timber doors would be that hard to build in comparison with other cabinet making projects. While it’s true that a door is not as complex as, say, a Chippendale chair, only a master cabinet maker knows what it takes to build solid timber doors that will last a lifetime.

Solid Timber Door Frames

Without going into excessive detail, solid timber door frames are basically made up of just two components:  rails and stiles. The rails are the horizontal lengths of timber that attach to the vertical stiles. They can be fixed to the stiles using one of 3 methods:

  1. Timber DoorsDowels can be inserted into the rails and stiles to form a joint. This is only recommended for smaller cabinet doors and even then is not the best method to use.
  2. Blind (or stopped) mortise and tenon joints are made by machining rectangular (or rounded rectangular) cavities partially through the stiles and then machining a tenon (or “tongue”) to fit into the cavity. This type of joint is sufficient for smaller solid timber doors.
  3. The ultimate joint for solid timber entry doors and other large doors is the through mortise & tenon joint. In this case, the mortise extends all the way “through” the stile and the tenon fills the entire gap, giving the largest possible surface area for the strongest possible joint.

Just making a tenon that fits into the mortised space isn’t enough to make a sound joint. If it fits too loosely, the glue will shrink and break the joint. If it’s too tight, a number of problems can arise. For one thing, the glue will be forced out when the door is clamped together. For another, timber shrinkage and expansion will cause hairline cracks to occur in the stiles. These will eventually break the joint and cause the joint to separate and the door to sag.

timber-doorWhether doors are made with hand tools or using sophisticated computer aided machinery (CAM), the skills and experience of a master cabinet maker are needed to make solid timber door frames that will withstand the test of time. Whilst it would be time consuming and unnecessary to make doors using hand tools, only a highly experienced cabinet maker knows all the principles of sound construction that go into every facet of solid timber doors. This is the kind of craftsmanship Allkind Joinery Brisbane built its reputation on starting in 1970, when the company was established.

Needless to say, such a high quality standard has to cost more than cheap timber doors made with inferior timbers and construction techniques. Fortunately, Allkind Joinery Brisbane has found a way to make quality affordable with their new Renovators Range of solid timber doors. The range includes some of Allkind’s most popular types and styles of doors, including entry doors, pivot doors, sliding doors, folding doors and even gates.  To find out more about the Renovators Range of solid timber doors from Allkind Joinery, just contact them today and a senior member of the staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Please call us toll free on 1800 757 949 with any questions you may have on Timber Joinery, our friendly staff are always happy to help with any advice you need.

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The post Anatomy of Solid Timber Doors appeared first on Allkind Joinery & Glass Pty Ltd written by .