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Aluminium windows outsell timber windows 3 to 1.  Sales figures on aluminium sliding glass doors are similar. Does that mean aluminium is a superior material or does it simply mean that aluminium windows and doors are cheaper? Aluminium products are cheaper than timber, but are they good value for money? Allkind Joinery Brisbane may be biased towards timber windows and doors, but after 40 years in the business of making solid timber doors and timber windows, they have thousands of satisfied customers who share their preference for timber. Why buy timber windows and doors instead of aluminium? Here’s why:

Aesthetics of Timber Doors & Windows vs Aluminium

Start by having a look at the timber windows gallery on the Allkind Joinery & Glass website and comparing their windows with those on any aluminium window manufacturer’s site. Timber Sliding WindowsWhether painted or natural, there is simply no comparison: aesthetically, timber is the winner.

Now turn to the Allkind Joinery timber doors pages. Have a look at their timber sliding doors and timber bi-fold doors and compare them to the latest ranges of aluminium doors. Once again, the aesthetic differences are striking, to say the least. Look closely in particular to the photos of aluminium doors in prestigious homes and you can see that no matter how great the interior decor and views are, the aluminium doors detract from the appearance of the home. In contrast, timber sliding doors enhance the appearance of even a modest home

Environmental Friendliness

According to experts:

  • The production of aluminium results in 8 times more greenhouse emissions than timber production.
  •  300 times more water is wasted in aluminium production than in timber production.
  • The aluminium smelting process uses and produces deadly chemicals that poisons the land around the smelting facilities. A timber plantation, on the other hand, is growing trees that absorb harmful carbon emissions and help heal the earth.

Timber windows and doors continue to be more environmentally friendly after they are installed by providing superior insulation. We summarised this in a previous blog, Choosing Windows for Brisbane Winters, which cited Australian government studies that show the dramatic difference between aluminium framed windows and doors and their timber equivalents.

Maintenance Differences of Timber & Aluminium

One argument made for aluminium windows and doors is that they are “maintenance free,” while timber windows and doors require regular maintenance. While it’s true that in order to keep them looking their best, all timber products need occasional repainting or resealing, it’s also true that aluminium products become dull, corroded and faded over time. The difference is that aluminium windows and doors cannot be brought back to their original condition. When they look old or worn, they have to be replaced or put up with.

Timber vs Aluminium Door & Windows Cost

Timber windows and doors do cost more than aluminium initially, but if they are high quality solid timber doors and windows such as those made by Allkind Joinery Brisbane, the initial cost of the products are more than offset by their cost benefits:

  • Solid timber doors and timber windows add resale value to a home. Many professional home renovators replace aluminium doors and windows with timber to fetch a higher selling price.
  • High quality timber windows and doors such as those made by Allkind Joinery Brisbane will last a lifetime or longer. Allkind uses only the best timbers in their joinery products. Weather, rot and infestation resistant, they can be compared to the timber doors and windows on centuries old European homes and estates.
  • Superior insulation equals energy savings and energy savings equal cost savings. As mentioned above, timber windows and doors provide far better insulation from heat and cold than aluminium. In time, this alone could easily make up for their initially greater cost.

Timber vs Aluminium Windows BrisbaneIn order to make their timber windows and doors even more cost effective, Allkind Joinery & Glass produces a Renovator’s Range of solid timber doors and standard ranges of windows. These products are made to the same high quality standards this prestige joinery has built its reputation on, but at a more affordable price than their custom timber products. Contact Allkind Joinery today and find out more about their affordable Renovator’s Range of solid timber doors and other fine timber joinery products.

Please call us toll free on 1800 757 949 with any questions you may have on Timber Joinery, our friendly staff are always happy to help with any advice you need.

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The post Timber Windows and Doors versus Aluminium appeared first on Allkind Joinery & Glass Pty Ltd written by .