For a cost-effective way to renovate that will make a dramatic difference to your home’s appearance and the enjoyment you get from it, you want to know about timber bi-folding doors.  It’s no exaggeration to say that not only can timber bi-folding doors transform your home’s appearance; they may even transform your lifestyle. Read on to find out how.

What are Timber Folding Doors?

Imagine an accordion and you get an idea of how timber bi-folding doors work. They are a series of doors hinged together to fold back or “accordion” on to one another, leaving a wide, open space when opened. When closed, glass & timber folding doors offer you a panoramic outlook, while protecting you from the elements.

How Can Timber Folding Doors Transform Your Lifestyle?

To say that timber bi-folding doors can transform your lifestyle is a pretty bold statement, but that’s what many Brisbane home owners have said after they have had them installed. The Australian lifestyle is an outdoor lifestyle, but until recently, our homes were designed and built largely in European styles more suitable for colder climates. Our one concession to outdoor/indoor living was the standard sliding glass door.

Timber Bi-folding DoorsStandard aluminium sliding glass door sets are usually between 1.8 and 2.4 metres wide, with one sliding door and one fixed glass panel. When opened, they allow only half their span to pass through. That’s not exactly opening your doors wide to the glorious Brisbane weather.

Now look at the timber bi-folding doors from the new Allkind Joinery Renovator’s Range. The narrowest door assembly they offer is just over 1.9 metres, or only about 100mm wider than a standard 1.8 metre aluminium sliding glass door. Made up of three 620mm doors, all three doors fold back on to one another, leaving nearly twice as much space for your guests and the fresh air to pass through. That’s how timber folding doors can transform your lifestyle. They allow you to “bring the outdoors in” and they do it in style.

There is simply no comparison between aluminium sliding glass doors and timber bi-folding doors when it comes to style. The best that can be said about aluminium frames is that they have a narrow profile. The beautiful Surian cedar frames on the Renovator’s Range of timber bi-folding doors from Allkind Joinery Brisbane, on the other hand, are narrow enough to allow full visibility, yet wide enough for you to enjoy the look of natural timber in your home.

More about the Renovator’s Range of Timber Folding Doors

Custom made timber bi-folding doors have been one of Allkind Joinery & Glass’ most popular products for years. When this prestige joinery decided to make a pre-fabricated range of solid timber doors in order to bring custom quality within the price range of the average home renovator, they made it a point to include a wide selection of timber folding doors in their collection. 3, 4 and 5 door styles are available with door sizes of 620, 720 or 820 wide. These cover opening sizes of anywhere from 1941mm all the way up to 4190mm (over 4 metres!).

Contact Allkind Joinery today for more details about the exciting new Renovator’s Range of timber bi-folding doors, entry doors and other doors and learn how to transform your home and your lifestyle without breaking the bank. You’ll be surprised by how affordable the best can be.

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