What are Pivot Doors?

Probably the most commonly used doors in modern homes are the Pivot Doors. A Pivot Door utilizes hinging mechanisms and screws to attach to a doorway or archway. These are commonly used doors since the weight of the door does not restrict its support. If larger outside doors are used, for example, made of heavy wood or steel, then larger hinges and mechanisms are used to attach the door to its frame or support source.

More artfully hung Pivot Doors are not limited to hanging from the far left or right edge of the door. When designed appropriately, entry doors, exterior doors and even the main entrance door can be hung to pivot from a more centralized point or a slightly off-center point so that upon opening, the door frees open space on both sides, instead of just one. This is a common feature of many Japanese pivot door varieties, being hung slightly to the left or right of center, and to allow a full circle sense of freedom once the door is open.

So Why Pivot Doors?

Pivot Doors

Pivot Doors

Pivot doors can take on any style, though, from a serene, Zen-like simplicity to more ornately formed doors made with lead light glass, hammered copper or silver and many different types of wood. They can be used as external or internal doors, in almost any conceivable part of the home, and even as garage doors. When used as external doors, they can be hung with heavy-duty hardware that locks at the top and bottom instead of through the latch and lock of a traditional main door.

Pivot Doors can be used in showers, pantries, front entrance doors and are quite effective in modern structures. They can be used in any style homes as highly elaborate separations of living space in a mindfully designed home. These Pivot Doors require special hardware that ‘pivot’, as the name of the door suggests, on a pair of married hinges, one sliding away from the other. They can be used as a series, or as a pair to attach to the top of the doorway and to the door itself, or in more elaborate designs, in several places when more than one door will be utilized. Heavier Pivot Doors require larger, more robust hardware to ensure a safe and even opening of these larger type of doors.

When choosing a front door to suit your home, it should reflect a sense of your own personal style. If you lean toward the unconventional or the newly realized conventions of the historically used door, then a Pivot Door will suit your building designs quite well. When designing your space, though, be sure that the hanging point of your pivot door does not cause any obstruction to the space inside.

The pivot door is versatile, but a slight step off ‘center,’ which makes it an interesting entrance into any space, or departure from it. The pivot door can be made of many different types of timber and glass materials and shaped to any custom doorway size, so if you need a very large opening, or a smaller, more subtle one, please give us a call or visit our showroom and let us help you find  the Pivot Doors that suit your needs.

View samples of our Pivot Doors Here.