Open Plan or Zone Living?

Today, we usually think of open plan design in relation to residential spaces. Actually, commercial interior designers introduced the concept in the 1950s as a means to improve office efficiency by eliminating barriers between office workers. The open plan office had two advantages. By eliminating walls, employees were better able to communicate with each other. At the same time, more workers could work in a smaller space, reducing overheads.

It wasn’t long before the disadvantages of open plan offices became apparent. Whilst greater ease of inter-office communication was welcomed, the lack of privacy and sense of having a private workspace proved to be a distraction. That problem was solved by the introduction of office cubicles.

The open plan concept caught on in homes in the 1960s, but until recently, most homeowners just put up with the disadvantages of sacrificing private space for the sake of the greater sense of spaciousness afforded by eliminating walls. The balance is shifting, though, and homeowners are looking for ways to get the best of both worlds: an open plan and privacy when it’s needed. The solution is in zone living.

What is Zone Living?

Even in an open plan design, the home is still divided into zones. The kitchen remains the cooking zone, for example, while the living room is reserved for relaxation and socialising. Acknowledging these separate zones without turning back the clock and erecting permanent walls between them is the essence of zone living. How do you accomplish this? In two ways:

  1. By installing sliding glass doors or bifold doors between zones.
  2. By installing moveable screens between doors.

The first solution only became available when improved door hardware systems like Centor bifold door hardware came on to the market. The Centor system allows the installer to hang wide banks of timber bifold doors instead of just a pair. Just as importantly, they open and close effortlessly. Innovative interior designers and home renovators simply took the concept and installed these doors in the space between zones rather than just thinking of them as exit doors.

Ideally, timber bifold doors should be double glazed. Double glazing offers the twin advantages of better acoustic and thermal insulation:

  • Acoustic insulation allows you to enjoy a conversation around the kitchen island while the children watch TV in the living room.
  • Thermal insulation allows you to heat or cool a smaller space, helping you reduce your energy consumption and bills.

Screens are not a new concept. Shoji screens, for example, are an integral part of traditional Japanese architecture and office cubicles are basically screens between work stations.

Allkind Joiney Brisbane has been making custom timber screens for clients for decades. A big advantage of timber screens over walls or flimsy factory made screens is that a timber screen enhances the appearance of the home. At the same time, timber is a great acoustic insulator. Install a timber screen between the kitchen or home office and the TV and you get just enough privacy and quiet to carry on your work without being distracted by the TV.

You can also install timber screens outdoors to provide shade and privacy without sacrificing the feeling that you are enjoying the great outdoors. Outdoors, slatted timber screens are a favourite, allowing filtered light and air to enter the patio while offering protection against strong winds and harsh sunlight.

Does the zone living solution sound like your solution to the disadvantages of open plan living? If so, contact Allkind Joinery Brisbane and find the best zone living solution for your needs.


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Pins of the Month – Jan 2015

timber kitchen pinterest allkindTimber Kitchen Island
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manhattan duplex living room architectural digest pinterest allkindWalls painted in a Sherwin-Williams high-gloss oil serve as the backdrop for a Yayoi Kusama canvas in the library; the sofa is upholstered in a Robert Allen velvet, and the armchairs are vintage Paolo Buffa designs.
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reclaimed wood wall pinterest allkindReclaimed Wood Wall
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home exterior grey white arch entry door pinterest allkindAdd whimsy to entry doors with custom touches, such as an arched portico, molding, and trim. Even the smallest of details — such as this entryway arch — can work wonders for curb appeal. Boxwoods soften the transition from home to driveway and add sophisticated charm.
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home exterior timber entry door pinterest allkindA handsome front door can be the foundation of a welcoming entry, and a contrasting trim color is an easy way to make it stand out. Crisp white trim highlights this wooden entry door and ties it into the exterior’s color scheme.
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Before and After: Timber Joinery Renovations

They say “the proof is in the pudding.” You can rave to your friends how great your special pudding recipe tastes, but until they taste it, they won’t quite believe you. You can look at a beautiful timber entrance door in the Allkind Joinery catalogue, but until you’ve seen what it looks like when it replaces your old door, you won’t quite believe what a difference it makes to your home’s appearance.

The new Before and After Gallery on the Allkind Joinery website is the “pudding” you need to prove to yourself that even minor timber joinery renovations can make a dramatic difference to your home’s appearance and value. Take this before and after photo of an entrance for example:

before after timber joinery renovations

Nothing has changed except the entrance door, but the home’s entry has been transformed from a bland, narrow entrance with an off-putting security grill into a warm invitation to enter the owner’s beautiful home. While this homeowner may not have any intention of moving, odds are that if they put the house on the market, the new timber entrance door would add far more to the sale value than its cost.

Now let’s go around to the back of a house that has undergone minor renovations. In this case, aluminum sliding doors have been replaced with extra-wide timber sliding glass doors. Both inside and out, the home has been dramatically transformed by this inexpensive timber joinery renovation. Inside, the house seems to be much larger and more cheerful than before. Outside, the patio has become an integral part of the house and an open invitation to enjoy al fresco dining.

before after timber joinery renovations

In both examples, modest family houses have been almost miraculously transformed into warm and inviting “million dollar” family homes. Allkind Joinery would like to take full credit for the transformation, but most of the credit has to go to the timber itself. The joinery’s contribution was in the master craftsmanship that brought out the rich beauty of the timber and formed it into what could best be described as functional art.

The “functional art” in the Before and After Gallery extends to interiors as well, including stunning timber kitchens, bathrooms, storage units and commercial fit-outs. In some cases, little timber is used, but the quality of materials, design and craftsmanship is such that what was formerly an uninspiring kitchen or bathroom becomes something extraordinary.

before after timber joinery renovationsThe new Allkind Joinery Before and After Gallery also offers a sneak peek into the Allkind workshop. Notice how clean and tidy it is and how much space is allowed for working on each component of a project. No true craftsman will work in a cluttered and cramped workspace. If they care about quality, craftsmen care about neatness and efficiency as well.

Have a look around your house. How can fine timber joinery improve its appearance and value? Now that you’ve seen before and after photos of other homes, it should be easier for you to imagine what a difference a timber joinery product can make in your home. Still concerned about the cost? Have a look at the catalogue or contact Allkind Joinery for a measure and quote. You’ll be amazed to discover how affordable a “million dollar makeover” really can be.


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Replacing Old Windows with New Timber Windows

Windows Timber

Allkind Joinery has been making timber windows for the better part of half a century. The difference between Allkind Joinery and most window manufacturers is that their creative craftsmen know how to think outside the box. While they offer cost-effective solutions with their Renovators Range of timber windows and doors, Brisbane’s prestige joinery is renowned for their custom work too.

There’s a long list of types of timber windows you can find on the Allkind Joinery Timber Windows pages, including:

  • Bifold windows;
  • Sliding windows;
  • Casement windows;
  • Bay windows;
  • Double hung windows;
  • French windows;
  • Hopper windows;
  • Louvre windows; and
  • Sash windows.

Allkind Joinery can also install fixed windows for you. You’ve decided you need a picture window in your living room, but you wish there was a way you could also provide some ventilation. Allkind Joinery might recommend flanking the window with glass louver windows. What a perfect solution! You still get an unobstructed view, but your glass louvers allow you to precisely control the amount of ventilation you get in the room.

Windows Timber Bathroom Plantation Shutters Louvers Glass

What about your bathroom? You want to allow natural light and air in, but not at the expense of your privacy. The Allkind Joinery team has a solution tailor-made for you. Hopper windows placed above eye-level might be the answer for you. If they don’t offer enough light and air, frosted glass louver windows might be solution. For more ideas, check out the Allkind Joinery Bathrooms Gallery. Let Allkind Joinery design your bathroom for you and transform any full-sized bathroom or en suite into a home spa.

Most kitchens have windows behind their sinks. That’s always a good idea, but a little creativity can make it an even better idea. Aside from stunning kitchen ideas, the Allkind Joinery Kitchens Gallery can give you dozens of kitchen window ideas you probably haven’t thought of before. Why limit yourself to a standard sized sliding window when double hung windows or bifold windows might work better for you? Allkind Joinery can show you how to optimize your window size, placement and style to best suit your kitchen and your view.

What’s your ideal bedroom? Is it a romantic room reminiscent of a French parlor? If so, what could be better than timber French windows with elegantly arching tops? Do you like to roll up your blinds in the morning and let the outdoors in? Then timber sliding windows or bifold windows might be perfect for you. Nothing matches a natural landscape better than timber framed windows — especially if they’re made with the finest timber available.

Windows Timber Bifold Glass Kitchen Living

The Allkind Joinery Photo Galleries will stimulate your imagination, but when you get a chance, visit Brisbane’s prestige joinery showroom and see what they have to offer firsthand. Open Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Sunday from 8.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m., it’s the perfect way to rethink your window ideas and get to know the Allkind Joinery team. For more details (including a map) or to arrange an appointment, visit their Contact page.

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Renovating Your Living Room with Timber Windows & Doors

Renovate Living Room Timber Windows Doors

You’ve been through the usual list of living room renovation ideas. A fresh coat of paint helped, but it wasn’t enough to transform your living room into a room you really wanted to live and entertain in. You looked at furniture, but decided the cost of new furniture was too high in comparison to the benefits. What about your floor covering? You don’t even notice your hardwood floors because they’re always in the shade. That’s when it dawns on you: the problem with your living room is a lack of light.

In older homes and even many newer homes, living rooms are more like TV rooms you use only at night. There may be a window or two, but they aren’t large enough to bathe the room in indirect sunlight. Open plan designs help, but they only open up the interior space. What you need to do is bring the outside in with timber windows and doors.

Renovate Living Room Timber Windows DoorsTo get an idea of what a dramatic difference timber windows and doors can make in a living room, have a look at the Living Area gallery on the Allkind Joinery Brisbane website. Imagine what one room would look and feel like if there was a wall instead of a bank of timber bifold doors. Look at the beautiful arched windows in another photograph and think about what the room looked like before, when a bland aluminium window was in their place.

Timber windows and timber doors are one of the most cost-efficient ways to renovate a living room for a number of reasons:

  • They open up the room, making it appear larger.
  • Timber windows enhance the appearance of the entire room, becoming a stylish focal point and bathing the room in a flattering, natural light.
  • Timber doors can be opened when the weather is fine, transforming an indoor room into a spacious indoor/outdoor living and entertaining area.
  • Double glazing keeps the room cooler in summer and warmer in winter without having to close the curtains and shut the light out.
  • Spacious windows and glass and timber doors make your outdoor landscaping part of your decor.

Compare the cost of timber windows and doors to the cost of new furnishings and floor coverings. The cost can be about the same or even less, but the benefits are far greater. In many cases, they eliminate the need to buy new furniture or floor coverings because they make everything in a living room look fresh and new again.

Renovate Living Room Timber Windows Doors

For more ideas, download a copy of the Allkind Joinery Catalogue. Aside from the dozens of styles of timber windows and doors you will find there, you will be able to discover how surprisingly affordable the windows and doors from Brisbane’s prestige joinery are. Now all you have to do is pick the products that suit your home best and get started on your living room renovations. Before you know it, you will have a living room you really want to live in.

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Replace or Reface Your Kitchen?

Replace or Reface Your Kitchen?

There are many reasons why you might want to replace your kitchen, but is having your entire kitchen torn out and replaced your only option? You may be able to save thousands of dollars simply by refacing your kitchen instead of replacing it.


What is Kitchen Refacing?

Refacing literally means “to replace or renew” a wall or other “face” of a structure. In the kitchen, refacing specifically applies to the doors, drawer fronts and exposed panels. It can also extend to all other visible surfaces, including kickboards and bench tops.


Should You Replace or Reface Your Kitchen?

Most people tend to think of refacing as a budget solution only. You know your kitchen needs a makeover, but you can’t afford a brand new kitchen, so you “compromise” and reface the doors and drawer fronts instead. However, there are good reasons to consider refacing your kitchen instead of replacing it, even if you can afford a new kitchen.Replace or Reface Your Kitchen?

After getting quotes for a replacement kitchen, most of us often have to settle for less costly materials than we would have in our dream kitchen. We wanted a granite bench top, for example, but settled for a less expensive laminate top. We loved the look of solid timber doors, but they were outside our budget, so we chose wood grain vinyl instead.

Refacing instead of replacing your kitchen is a way to save money without compromising on materials, but it depends on the condition of your kitchen cabinets. Even after years of use, kitchen cabinets and cupboards are often still in good condition. The shelves may be worn and you may need new hinges and drawer runners, but these are replaceable.

Throwing out perfectly good cabinets and cupboards is a waste of money in a number of ways:

  1. You have to pay the cost of new cabinets.
  2. You will have to pay for the disposal of your old kitchen.
  3. You have to pay installation costs.
  4. A plumber and electrician will probably add to the cost of your new kitchen.

allkind joinery kitchen replace reface kitchen

By some estimates, refacing a kitchen can save as much as 60% of the cost of a new kitchen and 40% is not uncommon. That money can more than pay for the timber doors you want and may even pay for that granite or engineered stone bench top you’ve been longing for.

A good joinery like Allkind Joinery Brisbane is big enough to supply you with a new kitchen at a competitive price and small enough to give you personalized service. They will come to your home, inspect your existing kitchen and help you decide whether your kitchen needs replacing or if refacing is a viable option for you. Whichever option you choose, a prestige joinery like Allkind Joinery will replace or reface your kitchen as economically as possible. When it comes time to fit your new kitchen or replace the components that need replacing, they will work quickly and efficiently, causing minimal disturbance to your daily life.


Check out the Timber Kitchens Gallery on the Allkind Joinery Brisbane website. One of those kitchens could be yours, for far less than you imagine.

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History of Allkind Joinery and Brisbane Architecture

History of Allkind Joinery and Brisbane Architecture

Allkind Joinery has a long and distinguished history, but in a very real way, this Brisbane joinery is also part of Brisbane’s greater history. Home to some of Australia’s finest architecture, including Customs House and St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Brisbane is proud of its heritage and strives to maintain the impeccable quality standards that are the hallmark of these great buildings.


Customs House

customs house brisbane history allkind joinery architecture

Customs House Brisbane – History of Allkind Joinery and Brisbane Architecture

Customs houses existed in all major Australian ports in the 19th century. Brisbane had a modest customs house in the early 1800s, but as the port became more important and Brisbane grew, it became apparent that the city needed a larger and more prestigious facility. In 1884, city officials decided it was time for a change and they commissioned renowned architect Charles McLay to design a new building.

Work on Customs House at its new location began in 1886. McLay chose the Victorian Free Classical style of architecture. Three storeys high on the river side and two storeys tall on the Queen Street style, it was a large and imposing structure when it was built. Although it has since been dwarfed in scale by highrises, it has never been dwarfed in style and remains a prominent Brisbane landmark.

The 20th century changed the face of Brisbane and Customs House was no longer needed to fulfill its original purpose. Recognising its heritage value, the Commonwealth government negotiated a lease with the University of Queensland and Customs House was re-opened in 1994. Allkind Joinery Brisbane is proud to have played a part in making Customs House the beautiful heritage building it is today.


St Stephen’s Cathedral

st stephens cathedral brisbane history allkind joinery architecture

St Stephen’s Cathedral Brisbane – History of Allkind Joinery and Brisbane Architecture

On 26 December 1863, on the feast of St. Stephen, Bishop Quinn laid the foundation stone of St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Unfortunately, the economic depression of the mid-1860s stopped construction, but work resumed in 1870. On Sunday, 17 May 1874, the cathedral, although still incomplete, was blessed and dedicated.

The cathedral that was blessed in 1874 covered only about a third of the area it was originally designed to cover, but work continued over the years. Improvements were made in 1884 and in 1920, the foundation stone of the new transept was laid by Archbishop James Duhig. In the 1980s, under the leadership of Archbishop Francis Rush, work began on the complete extension, restoration and renovation of St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Work was finally completed in 1989 and dedication ceremonies were held on 4 December of that year. Although Allkind Joinery does not pretend to take full credit for the magnificent results, they are justifiably proud to have been part of the team that helped make St. Stephen’s Cathedral the stunning Brisbane landmark it is today.

When restoration work is called for on heritage buildings like Customs House and St. Stephen’s Cathedral, those in charge of renovations and restorations won’t settle for less than the best builders, joineries and other trades to undertake the work. That’s why Allkind Joinery Brisbane was selected to play a part in these important projects. Does that mean that Brisbane’s prestige joinery only focuses on projects on a grand scale? No project is too large or small for the team at Allkind Joinery and the emphasis is always the same: quality and service come first. Contact Allkind Joinery today and find out how affordable quality can be.



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